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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Brian M, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. Brian M

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    Can you please recommend a blade to use when bagging that will pull the leaves in instead of blowing them away from the deck!
    I have a 2002 TT52, I presently use the standard high lift blades (with notch) or the Gator blades and I'm bagging into an Accelerator aluminum bagger, I think it's the smaller one, 4cf.
    I'm not getting a clean job with the setup I have.
    Would I be better off with a mulch kit installed and still be able to mount the bagger? Or just a different blade???

  2. MacLawnCo

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    you need the blowout baffle
  3. eXmark

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    Your really can't run the bagger with the mulch baffles under the deck.

    If your going to bag the leaves I'd try the solid airfoil p/n 103-1578 and clean the grass catcher real well. Any air restriction in the perforated metal hopper will cause blow out from the front of the mower deck.

    If you want to use the mulch kit just use the standard Exmark mulching blade.

    While youÂ’re changing blades go ahead and check all the spring loaded idlers on the deck and grease them real well. It also couldn't hurt to have the engine rpm's checked as well.

    The blow out baffle does not fit the UltraCut 52.



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