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blade removal problem


LawnSite Member
collierville, tn
I have a problem with the removal of one of the blades on my 48" Exmark Lazer. Bolt is stripped and pipe wrench will not remove it. Any soluations? any would help, I am sick about this because I have never had this happen before. I suppose RUSTmight be to blame. Send solutions as soon as possible.



Manufacturer / Sponsor

First item of order would be to get the old bolt out. If it were my machine I'd use a 4" hand grinder to remove the head of the bolt. With the head removed you should be able to remove the blade and the bolt can probably be backed out with your fingers. If not a locking pliers may be in order.

It's unlikely that rust is the issue. The probably cause is self tightening. I'd recommend replacing all the blade bolts and the spring disc/cup washers and make sure you are getting the bolts tight when you install them. A bolt that is too loose is much more likely to self tighten than one that is properly torqued.