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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 944own, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Southern Pride

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    I'm wit you jiggz. Keep both wrenches in the truck/trailer box. Don't even have to pull my metro off the trailer to change blades, it's nice. Using an impact is ridiculous. Overkill. What would you do if you had to change them out on a property?
  2. It's time to get a better impact. I started out with one of the cheapo Campbell Hausfelds and it was ok until I bought a cheap riding mower from one of my customers. One of the blades on that Huskee riding mower was bent and I couldn't remove the blade with my cheap impact. I borrowed a better one from a mechanic and also had to borrow the larger air fitting. I think it's a type T or N fitting from Tractor Supply. Those fittings are what most tire shops have on their hoses and the hole through the center is about twice as large as the small hole that comes with most cheapo kits. So I'd recommend you get a decent impact capable of at least 450 ft. lbs. of torque and put some decent fittings on your air hose.
  3. 944own

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    My impact is a craftsman could it be my compressor is not putting out enough psi.
  4. TNGrassCutter

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    Dewalt battery powered impact....
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    Just a hunch, but your impact wrench probably has an adjustment knob on the handle and sometimes they will get turned to "0" and not have any power. Might want to check that for next time.
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    We always change and sharpen our blades. Try puttng a little anti seize on each bolt. Makes the job much easier.:usflag:
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    anti seize Priceless
  8. Southern Pride

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    While I was aware they had battery powered Impacts, I just didn't realize they were worth a damn?? How much is a descent one? Suggested brand names? Apparently I need atleast 450lb torque power.

    I still love using the ratchets for the mower, but I could use that impact the truck, alot.
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    I didn't mean to sound like an a** I was going to put obe of those smiley characters but I can't on my phone. Anyhow I have a dewalt 18v 1/2" drive. The biggest they make and it has pretty good power. Don't remember how much it was though.
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    Is there really a whole thread on how to get a bolt off? its common freaking sense. If you cant figure out the principle of leverage you have problems. Oh yeah get a real impact and you wont have this problem

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