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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tropical Trim, Feb 15, 2002.

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    First of all I did a search on Blade Sharpening and didnt find what I was looking for.
    Because Ive never used a blade grinder before, I really cant judge the good and bads about any blade sharpener. Im thinking of getting a sharpener soon. Whats your favorite and why? I will be sharpening straight and mulching blades. Seems like the RBG 218 or the magna matic is the most talked about. I would like a sharpener that will sharpen with ease,present a nice cutting edge,and save time in the process of sharpening. OK boys, let your expertise guide me to the best sharpener! Mahalo!
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    u have done a search on "blade sharpeners" and didnt find what u were looking for? everything there is possibly to ask for on this topic is in the search, i just did the search myself and found 2 pages of threads related to thread sharpening, since im a nice guy ill put a link to them for u!

    thers 3, and there are quite a few more too.
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    I have had a Fireball JR 128 for two years and it does a fine job it is only 1/2 hp, during normal sharpening you will never slow down the motor.. If you want to take a 'peek' go to I am very satisfied with this product.
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    the pic says it all.

    Enough with this pic please. :)
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    As mentioned before... if you want to grind a blade go to Sears and drop $25 on a bench grinder. If you want to drop $300 or $400 on a beefed up "grinder" you can check out a product called "RBG" (i think that's their name). If you want to make a company investment, spend a little more, buy a blade sharpener. Check out for top of the line sharpener's and balancer's.
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    If you have an air compressor and a bench vise, a 90 degree air grinder with snap discs works great. You can start out with whatever coarseness u need until you get a very sharp edge. I find my blades last longer because this method doesn't chew up as much steel and I can control it better. Makes balancing easier too. I use a DOTCO brand. I can sharpen the mulching teeth on gator blades too. Only draw back is it takes more time. I usually have 7-8 sets ready to go at all times anyway and just spend a couple of hours in the evening or weekend sharpening them when needed.
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    Hello Tropical Tim,

    I would just like to make a small addition to the current posts.

    Any type of hand-held grinding that does not have some type of guide or adjustment (such as a air compressor with die grinder) will require quite a bit of "mechanical feeling" and practice. The main problem is that the human hand is never consisitantly steady, and if you want to maintain an even angle across the blade edge you will need some type of support.

    Any of the MAGNA-MATIC - RBG - FIREBALL grinders will provide this.

    The difference between these three is that the RBG and FIREBALL are very similar, in fact "i believe" that the original engineer that created the RBG left that company and started FIREBALL. This is why they look very similar. The FIREBALL did improve on eliminating the blade edge length restrictions.

    The things that seperate MAGNA-MATIC from these two, is the grinder design concept. The RBG and FIREBALL are evolved bench grinders, where the MAGNA-MATIC sharpeners were designed from the ground up for a specific function. When we designed our machines we looked at the fastest and best way to get a sharp blade. We did not look for products that already exist and try to alter them.

    Now because these concepts are different the result of the machine is different. With either of the MAGNA-MATIC sharpeners you can sharpen almost any blade in 60 seconds. Yes even the heavy commercial ones with deep nicks. Well maintained blades will take 20 seconds or less.

    So if you are looking for a dedicated lawn mower blade sharpener i would like to invite you to visit our website or give us a call with any questions.

    Please also note that we are the only one of the three that will give you 30 days to try our product, and let you return it if you do not like it.

    I hope i could be of some service,

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