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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by voglernut, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. voglernut

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    i've heard a few people talk about blade sharpeners. they are pretty expensive items. are they worth the money. do most of you guys have them or do you sharpen them with a grinder.
  2. yes they are worth it and magnamatic is the brand to get
  3. walker-talker

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    I used a grinder, DA sander, a file and now I have a dedicated blade sharpener. It's a Lesco and I don't like it. It has a good motor and a decent stone, but the way it raises and lowers, it puts 2 different angles on left and right blades. I bought it used and should not have much trouble getting what I paid for. Using a blade grinder is the best way to sharpen your blades, but unfortunately it's also more expensive.

  4. kppurn

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    I have a blade grinder and feel it's well worth the money.
    I have the RBG Pro 218 model. When I was using a bench grinder I had trouble keeping a consistent bevel. Also, the blades didn't stay sharp very long.
  5. Expert Lawns

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    my grinder heats up the metal too fast, thus weakening the blade. i don't like it. i wish someone could show me how to use a hand file or another method. sometimes i just say F it and take it to a dealer for $6 a blade they clean, balance and sharpen them. it gets pricey but helps my production. i like it to be done RIGHT.
  6. Mark

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    Wow i get to post, I have to RBG 218 pro and its a very wonderful blade grinder, takes me about 15min to sharpen and balance one set, ive been using this grinder for 2yrs now and haven't used much stone at all. It also pays to invest in the diamond tip dresser, cleans up the wheel real nice.... Marks Mowing Service

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    I bought a used folew/belsaw from an dealer auction it works pretty good except it will not sharpen full length blades like what is used on a bladerunner dixie chopper or exmark. It will do standard blades like on ferris and scag but it just does not take the full blade without hitting the electric motor.
  8. r.eckley

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    I bought a MAGNAMATIC sharpner and balancer last spring and really like them both . The blades seem to stay sharper longer than when i used a bench grinder and a nail. A lot of money but well worth it. Should last a long time, top quality stuff!
  9. cantoo

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    Expert Lawns, you might want to check out the price of new blades at J.Thomas. I think my Walkers are only around $9 for a new blade, $6 to sharpen sounds steep.
  10. I've beeen using my metal cut off saw for about a year now.
    I mount three blades to the mandrel and hold it down against the depth-of-cut stop with a spring.
    I can adjust the depth-of-cut stop to keep the proper sharpening angle. Toro recommends 40 degrees for the blades for the 580-D. I can hold to that spec without adjusting for a whole set of blades (11)
    These blades don't just get dull. They're 1/4 inch thick and get rounded and work hardened to where most people would just throw them away.
    This set up will bring them back to better than new in about 10 minutes each.
    The blades stay cool and bright as a new quarter. I put them in a bucket of water before and after sharpening. Plus I don't try to take it all off in one pass. I grind on one a while, put it in the water and grab another one.
    I've calculated the grinding surface speed is about 3 times what the fastest blade sharpener has. But it runs cool because it's removing so much metal. I guess the heat goes off with the sparks.
    I thought the cut off saw would have crapped out after a year, but it's still on it's first set of brushes. I think I gave $90 for it thru Harbor Freight, and the blades were 3 for $10.
    Sometimes I use a grinding wheel dresser if it builds up with metal. (that's when it gets hot). Hearing protction is mandatory!
    I wish someone else would try this and tell me what they think. Maybe someone with a dedicated blade grinder. I've never tried a Magnamatic or an RGB. But then as well as this works, I'm not looking for something better.

    chop saw c.jpg

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