Blade sharpeners?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bearhunter01, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. bearhunter01

    bearhunter01 LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    What do you use to sharpen the mower blades?
    I was thinking of buying a 3/4 hp grinder with a wet stone but I would still need to find a fixture to hold the blades to get a even grind.
    I don't want to spend big $ on a commercial set-up . Any options?
  2. mach9

    mach9 LawnSite Member
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    I built a sort copy of a Magna-Matic using their stones and arbor, and a 1/2 HP motor I wasn't using. It is adjustable to compensate for stone wear and works really good so far. Also bought the Magna-Matic balancer to go along with it and now I can sharpen and balance a blade in about 2 minutes. Very nice piece. That balancer is really sensitive. I just couldn't hack the almost $1.000 for theur best grinder, so I built my own for about $200.
  3. bearhunter01

    bearhunter01 LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 15

    sounds like a nice set-up.
  4. mach9

    mach9 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 15

    You know how it is. Anytime you build something, there's always a laundry list of stuff you'd change on the "next" one. But, so far, I can say there's not much I'd do different. Works pretty good. Just got to get more proficient at using it, and the best way to do that is get more BUSINESS!
    That balancer is cool too, though. Yesterday, I sharpened and balanced a 30" blade from a Snapper walk-behind. When I got it perfectly balanced, I took out the gum I was chewing and stuck it to one end of the blade. That end went straight down! Pretty accurate I'd say. MJ

    NCSERVICE LawnSite Member
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    Bear hunter, get a good 4 1/2 peanut grinder, (makita, dewalt) a vise and go to town
  6. Rustic Goat

    Rustic Goat LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Do some searches on this site for sharpeners, grinders, blade sharpeners, etc.
    This has been covered so many times it'll take a day to read all that's posted here already.

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey You guys know Lesco has a blade grinder made by neary for I think they said $350.oo It looks really neat.. Does not look like the RPG's .. This one has the wheel all enclosed and an adjustalble table in front of it to set the blade angle.... Me .... I use an old 4" angle grinder from dewalt , clamp the blade in the bench vise and grind away, then use a flat hand file to clean it up... Then get out the trusty $3.oo balancer .. wala... Hi tech NO, but it works and didnt have to spend alot of money to do it.. I think the angle grinder was like $30 bucks but that was 10 years ago.. But hey , it still works....LOL.. Probably wont tomorrow now that I said that .. LOL....
  8. lawnmowermannh

    lawnmowermannh LawnSite Member
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    I just picked up an Oregon blade sharpenner payed about $230 and it's only 1/2 HP. I'm a little disappointed in it's performance but it gets the job done. That Magna Matic blade balancer works awsome .
  9. Keith Howells

    Keith Howells LawnSite Member
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    I use an RBG grinder with a ceramic wheel. Does an excellent job. Think it was around $450 from J. Thomas.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We used to use an old Bridgeport milling machine. Set the clamp, drop the blade in and in about 15 seconds, you got a factory edge at the right angle, done...

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