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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dpullen4, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. dpullen4

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    Does everyone sharpen their own blades? Are there any key things to practice when sharpening your blades to ensure longer life/better cut when doing it? I was just wondering if there was anything special I need to consider when taking the blade to my grinder.

    Also, what is the recommended interval (in hours) that most of you practice for sharpening your blades?
  2. tacoma200

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    You will find several post on this if you use the search funtion. I know you have got to be careful and not get the blade too hot because the metal is tempered. I would suggest using a good hand file instead unless you put alot of hours on your mower. Im sure there will be more post to help you out. Alot of guys like a hand grinder better.
  3. topsites

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    One my tips 'n hints:

    I sharpen mine once over, then balance check, then over again. That's it!
    Sometimes a rock or other obstacles makes a burr or nick in the blade: IF the above technique gets the burr out, GREAT! If it doesn't, then the burr has to work itself out over time: To me, it doesn't make sense to shave off a bunch of steel on one side just to take out a nick - Now I have to shave the other side to restore the balance and do this enough times for burrs + nicks and you considerably shorten the useful lifespan of the blades.
  4. gogetter

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    I typed "blade sharpening" into the search, and searching Titles Only, I got 55 threads!.
  5. sbvfd592

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    awsome the search of this site is one of the best tool you or anyone in this industry can have
  6. Green Quality

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    Longer life for your blade! forget the grinder,remember the file! sharpen and take very little off the blade tip.clean the blade,with soap and water, and balance!I sharpen every 10 to 15 hr,or when needed!
  7. Roger

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    Hand files for me too. I know it sounds like a paradox, but sharpen often, and the blades will last a long time.
  8. SWD

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    I use a Neary rotary blade grinder, model number 440.
    I average two years of operational use per blade, unless the blade has been damaged/bent.
    I change out blades every eight hours of mowing time, usually three times per week for nine months of the year.
    The time necessary to sharpen the blades is roughly equal to the time necessary to lift the mower for access to the blades.
  9. befnme

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    I Read Some Time Ago On This And It Seems That A 60 Degree Angle Is Can Buy A Degree Guage To Mount On Your Bench Grinder.i Get 2 Weeks Of Service Out Of Every Set Of Blades That Is $48.00 Per Mower Every 2 Weeks .ouch!!!!
  10. Jason Rose

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    2 WEEKS??? Are you mowing on a beach? Roughly half of my lawns I mow, about 30 lawns, are sand to sand/loam base and I can get at least half a season out of a set of blades. I also catch everything, mowing around a million sq. ft. of turf a week.

    Hand file... May be the best way, but how long does that take to do a set of 3?

    I use a 4.5" angle grinder and have built a cool rack to hold the blade at the right height and at an angle to make sharpening EASY. I sharpen about 3 times a week for the Z. They are not really "dull" but you certianly couldn't cut your finger with the edge, time to sharpen!

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