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blade sharpening


LawnSite Silver Member
I was just wondering how often you guys sharpen your blades i do it every once in a while when i have time not religously like many of you guys so i was just wondering a time to do it???


LawnSite Member
i dont mow much so blades last me a long time.
i usually say 15 hrs on the machine between sharpenings.
i know guys that put those hours in a day and a half, i go a couple weeks.
and of course that depends on terrain, grass quality, operator, ect. ect. :)


LawnSite Member
All blades get pulled off and sharpened weekly but during the real wet times of the year I will sharpen blades twice a week.


LawnSite Fanatic
I got somewhere around 24 blades (stocked up some this year after reading the forum) but one mower uses 3 sets, the other uses 4, and the last set is useless gator blades... The idea WAS to only have to sharpen them once / week but the older blades are worn (due to sharpening) beyond manufacturer specs so I only run them on the older machine as it has lower rpm's, the newer machine only runs the newer blades.

Far as sharpening, again I sharpen several sets at a time then I swap worn for fresh. Swap them end of day IF 4 yards or more that day, so every day or every 4 yards, whichever comes last.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I change blades during the day if I hit something and one or more blades become blunt. It would be impractical to go back to the shop or wait until the end of the day. Gotta take it as it comes....