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Blade Sharpening


LawnSite Member
Hamilton, MI
For you guys that sharpen your own blades, what are you using to sharpen them? Specifically, I mean what do you use to hold the blades at a proper angle and get a true edge and basic balance on them? I can't justify the expense of having them sharpened "professionally" everytime, but I can't seem to hold a good edge doing them on a grinder by hand. Please help before spring hits!


LawnSite Gold Member
Groton, MA
I just hold them steady, on a bench grinder. I use a nail to check balance. Not a good as a real blade grinder, but works well enough for me.


LawnSite Member
eagle river,wi
I took a 10 inch bench grinder, took the guard off, built a platform on the back side of the wheel and use that as a guide. Perfect edge every time.

brian mon

LawnSite Member
Yankton, SD
Put blades flat in bench vise, use 4" angle grinder w/60grit flap disk, just follow the angle of the new blades (if not new get some) then flip blade and do the underneath side, I've been told not to do this but just keep it as flat as possible. It works well for me, 7yrs so far don't worry about balance, you will be doing it again in a couple more days, just try to make the same number of passes on each edge.


LawnSite Senior Member
Filosofem Hill
I've used the vise/angle grinder method with good results. It seems to do a better job than the bench grinder and is faster with less sparks thrown at me.

Oregon makes a commercial mower blade sharpening machine, but it's pretty expensive and I can't see it saving that much time, unless you have a huge outfit with more than one mechanic.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Gambrills, MD
Do a google search for Neary blade grinder, that's what I use. If you are good with a welder, or can fab the table from wood, that's the way I would go, if I were to do it over. 20 years on a $300 neary grinder aint bad, though! I have wore out about a dozen grinding wheels, and my left hand is magnetic, now, but other than that, I have no complaints!:laugh::laugh::waving:


LawnSite Member
I ground them on a bench grinder for years, what a PITA!
When I went to work for Deere we just clamped them in a vise and hit them with an angle grinder and metal disc, no flapper. Grid the top in, hit the bottom to knock off the burr and done. We didn't balance anything there. It's much easier this way for sure!


LawnSite Silver Member
It works well for me, 7yrs so far don't worry about balance, you will be doing it again in a couple more days, just try to make the same number of passes on each edge.
Don't worry about balance???

That's not what the spindles say when there spinning a unbalanced blade a million miles an hour.

Always balance the blades. :hammerhead:


LawnSite Member
I switched over to the flap grinding disk this summer and they do a great job and seem to be a little bit more forgiving vs pad disk. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a pro of any kind, but the flap disks make me look like i know what I'm doing.