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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wilburn Parks, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. How many mower blades do you sharpen in a week? I know they make them, but I never have seen them advertized or talked about are automatic blade sharpeners. Maybe this is because most of us are smaller companies and cannot afford them. I saw one that was automatic but didn't get brand name but was told it cost around $6000.00 . I sharpen around 45 blades minimum a week. I wonder what number of blades does this bigger grinder begin to pay off. I was told the way this grinder worked was you put the blade on a balancer then mount the heavy side in fixture, it then grinds that side and then I don't know if it turns automaticly or you switch it but it then grinds the other side to the side that was just ground.
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    That sounds like an interesting machine....what is the name of it?....Do they have a web site?.....I bet would save me a bunch because I stay so busy I just keep on buying new blades instead of sharpening my existing ones....Probably have about 500 blades now (used once).....I really need to buckle down this winter but I really hate sharpening them.
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    If you paid what I pay (at least for now) around here the cost to get one blade done is $5.00. That's including balancing (no, not with a screwdriver :p ) So, at that rate, it would take you about 26 weeks at the current rate of sharpening of 45 blades per week. Or, a year at half the cost or half the blades. I really don't think that's to bad as long as you have that kind of volume. Seems like if you're doing that many blades, you're probably doing alot of lawns and after all, time is money payup
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    If you have that many blades to sharpen yourself, somethings wrong. For the last two years, each crew has been respnsible for their own equipment when it comes to routine and preventative maintenance. It's worked out very well, for those that didn't like it, they were replaced with people that wanted to work and have pride in what they do.
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    I agree with bushtrimmer, let your crew do their own equipment. I use an angle grinder personally, after awhile anyone can get the hang of it and they do a good job. I wouldn't but a 6,000 dollar sharpener thats crazy!
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    I sharpen all my blades with files. it doesn't take me any time, and i find i can make them sharper than what any machine can o for me. buy a new file once a month. find the blades cut very well and last longer than what I've had by other machines. mabe I'm a bit old fashioned on that end, but it workes for me. different things work for different people.
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    500 blades ! You are wasting money by not sharpening them yourself, it really isn't all that hard. We sharpen 9-12 blades a day and change them every day. I use a 4 1/2" grinder with flap disc, regular grinding disc if they are in need of a better edge. 6 grand is a lot for a blade sharpener, automatic or not.
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    YIKES! $6k for a sharpener? Way too much. I have a Brandlein Fireball. Does a great job. Probably takes less then 1 minute per blade to SHARPEN & BALANCE! Paid less than $800 for the grinder/accessories/stand. Also have the Magna-Matic Balancer, very precise, I think I paid around $100 for it

    DOUBLE YIKES! 500 blades? At roughly $8 apiece you have $4000 in blades, that have been used 1 time??? Get a QUALITY blade grinder & you won't mind sharpening! You could probably spend all week sharpening them (500) during the off season & then never have to sharpen during the season! You would NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER BLADE AGAIN!

    Where/How do you store 500 blades????

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    are you guys talking about the "magnamatic"?

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