blade sharpenng, again


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I have found a crude but effective way of putting a razor edge on my blades at the correct factory angle if anyone is interested.Best of all it's cheap!


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Post it !!!


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I bought a bench grinder at home depot to start. It was $40.00. I then bought a magnetic angle finder for $10.00. I then bought a piece of 1 1/2 inch alum stock about 1/8 inch thick.It was a few dollars I think. I cut two pieces of 2x4 to about 12" long and nailed them together. I then cut a piece of alum to about 6". I bent it in my vise till it was about 35 degrees. I mounted it to the 2x4's.Then I cut a small piece of alum and bolted it in a cross position on my angled piece of alum so the blade can sit there. I played around with it until I was able to get a 35 degree angle on my blade. Now all I do is sit the blade on the rest, clamp it down with a 2" c-clamp and move the 2x4's back and forth across the grinder. It works great. I'm sorry I am not very mech inclined so I hope I described this ok.I hope this helps.

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