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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jungerla, Mar 5, 2013.

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    i was trying to look for new blades for my 52" exmark today and never realized how many different types of blades there are. i usually get them from my dealer and never questioned what he gave me. i was looking into buying myself before this season but whats the difference between hi low notched and any other type you can buy? im in upstate ny so for most the season its a wetter thicker grass. what does everyone else use?
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    You'll need to find out what works best for you, your mower and your grasses depending on time of year, degree of dampness, as well as to whether you're bagging/mulching/side-discharging.

    I'm a near 100% side-discharging guy...and personally like single notch blades. They shred the discharge more than a notchless hi-lift making for a better appearance/QOC with little to no clumping even when conditions are moist/wet. I've yet to try my new G5/G6 blades...and I hope to be even more impressed with them.

    Those who chime in from your area will have the best insight for you.
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    Buying the right blade for your mower is kind of like buying the right tires for your car or truck. Getting the right size is just part of the equation. The rest has to do with conditions, and what you want to accomplish with your mower (mulching, side discharge, wet grass, type of grass, etc). We have attached a file that details blade selection a little further. Hope that helps.

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    There are tons of blade designs available and I agree with the others that have posted it really comes down to the grass type, dampness/wetness, side discharging/mulching/bagging, etc...

    I personally have a set of G6's on my walk behind and they're a little too much and causing a lot of deck vibration and keep ripping the grass tips. I'm trying the G5's to see if they will help but over all I love the Oregon gator blades from using them on other mowers.

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