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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Likestomow, May 29, 2002.

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    Gerd --- in a previous post, someone said that a thinner blade (.204) will not require as much horsepower as a thicker blade (.250) and still give a satisfactory cut. Can you please explain the pros and cons of these two blade thicknessĀ’ and give your recommendations?
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    Your first statement of "a thinner blade does not require as much horsepower as a thicker blade," is a correct statement.

    The problem with this question of what type of blade to use is that there are quite a few variables. The quick answer i would give you is to be sure to use the SPEC of BLADE that the MFG recommends.

    The lighter blade will require less horsepower to get moving, but the thicker blade will have more momentum during cutting. The thicker blade will have a greater chance of handling the "hitting of rocks" where the lighter blade may not fair as well.

    It is very important to not attempt this changing of blades with any walk-behind where the blade is connected the crank shaft, the blade then acts as the FLYWHEEL. It is of utmost importance to follow the MFG specs for blade type in this situation.

    I hope i could be of some help. Please remember to change one thing, is to change many others. Try to take all variables in to consideration before changing anything.

    Thank you for the question,

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