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    I was wondering if any other Hustler owners have experienced any blade washer failures that fit over the 5/8” Spindle bolt? When changing over from stock blades to Gators today, I discovered that my Super Mini Z’s (w/ 90 total hours) washers were either cracked or broken. Two of the washers were cracked from the center out (or vice-versa). The third washer was actually broken all the way (with segment of washer broken out)… with the blade being not all that snug. This change-over of blades was only the third occurrence for this mower. With each of the two earlier blade changes, the bolts were re-torqued to 118 inch-pounds… which is what I believe my manual says for me to adhere to… correct?
    By the way, when the broken washers were taken to dealer, the dealer didn’t have any in stock… shucks! Sooo the grass will hafta be let go ‘til middle of next week some time.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has come up against this problem season as well???
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    i also had the same problem. I just used a washer that had the same inner dia but it was a smaller outside dia. its not conical like the other ones and the one that i have replaced does not seem to be as tight. Let me know what you have found out.
  3. syncom2

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    My dealer called today and left message on voice mo-chine that the washers from the factory are in his possession now.
    In the meantime, being the grass was moving in an upward direction, I ended up using a flat washer in combination with a lock washer over the weekend. I'm thinking that the thickness of the two didn't allow as many bolt threads in the spindle tho. But none-the-less, it seemed to have worked fine and dandy as a temporary measure to take.
    I'm not sure what caused the original washers to break. I was hoping that maybe someone else would have had or had offered to share some insight to the root cause of this problem. I guess if it had only been one of the washers I'd not thought too awfully much about it. But being all three had cracked and two had ultimately broke, something obviously is amiss there. So if I do hear something more about this from the dealer, I’ll be sure to share that info with all.
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    We have received some reports of this happening, and we are currently investigating, why and when it started happening.
    We will be taking care of this under warranty, please make sure you get your dealer involved here and let them know ASAP.

    Thank you

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