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    This is for Terry .......
    In a previous thread you recommended eXmark's "notched airfoil high lift" blade for side discharge in wet conditions, such as the high moisture content of spring grasses. Well, after looking up your part #103-6583 on eXmark's web site, I headed for my local dealer to order a set. My dealer did not have this eXmark part number in his computer nor did his distributor. The dealer called eXmark direct and was simple told "we do not have that blade".
    What's the story???
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    Oop! We had or are having a change in our part numbering system that will only effect a few parts. This part is one of them. The current number for that blade is 103-2527. It may be changing to the newer number at a later date.

    Just ask for the Exmark notched airfoil high lift and they should be able to get you fixed up.



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