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    Today I demoed a bladerunner mower, man what a HOT ROD! This mower is the king of speed I have never seen anything that will mow like this thing did, it's just a cutting machine. In fact I was so impressed with the machine I just cut him a check for a 60" machine. I will have to say that all the hype that you hear about them is true it is not a myth. I was hesitant when I first heard about them and I did a search here on lawnsite and read a lot pro's and con's about them but after mowing with it, it sold me.

    Is there anyone else that has run one of these felt like they were in nascar? I do know that I could not run at high speed everywhere but were I could what a time saver! If you have not tried one of these I would recommend you to try one out if you are into production mowing.
  2. captdevo

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    like Dale used to say.." If ya ain't bumpin', ya ain't racin'!"

    ....hmmmm...told ya so.....

    glad you were sooo impressed, these mowers kick azz don't they...
  3. ohiolawnguy

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    how fast does this mower go?
  4. captdevo

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    ideal conditions, these will mow at 15+mph, ground speed on my demo is 18+mph.

    if you can sit in the seat, you can mow, i'm putting some softer floatation type tires on mine to help absorb bumps.

    if anyone gets a chance, they should demo one of these mowers.
  5. rwleigh

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    The literature claims that they run 15mph.
  6. Flex-Deck

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    How many yards and areas that all you people out there mow can actually handle more that 10-12 mph without bucking you off. I grew up in South Dakota and spent some time breaking horses, and in the midwest, unless you have 4 foot tall tires, I do not know of many yards that over 12 mph would be a consideration.

    Great demo deal- if you can find a smooth yard with no night crawlers etc.

    Thanks, Brad.
  7. captdevo

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    the big thing would be transport speed and being able to give a quality cut at 10-15mph.

    not sure what you mean by nightcrawlers,

    i have 25x12-12 rear tires and they do very well over bumps, once i add softer floatation tires 15mph mowing speed will be easily done and still give a great, quality cut.

    tire size is a major factor as well as tire pressure..... does the flex deck do on bumpy ground??
  8. Flex-Deck

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    It does quit well - have not had anyone say they had to slow down because of it. I did notice that a commercial mower that bought one of the original decks which are archeic compared to the new ones and has been running it for 4 years now still is running it on a 72" JD Utility tractor - had it on a 955 now has it on a 4300. Just happened to be going thru town and saw it on his trailer. It would fit right in on any mower that can mow at 15 mph and still do the job at that speed.

    Thanks, Brad
  9. rwleigh

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    The high speed of a mower can also be used for other things like blowing off large parking lots instead of strapping on the back pack blower also like captndevo said it is great for transport!

    btw why is it that most everyone thinks that if it does not say dixie chopper that it cant mow at that kind of speed? I have a flatlander and I can mow a lot of areas at top speed, so why can't another mower manufacture do it as well?
  10. Flex-Deck

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    Never thought about transportation, I usually have mine on a trailer - thanks for the enlightenment. I would be guilty of bias prior to investigation on this point and appreciate the input

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