Blades/ Different brands.....Quality ???????


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Is a blade a blade a blade???? I've seen a lot of discussions on blades on this forum and I have a question. Do you think that a blade is "designed" for a particular deck or would any blade work good? Are they aero dynamically designed for the deck? Maybe I better rephrase that .... I have a greatdane Jr. 48" and I bought a set of gators and have been using them on top in a double setting. I will probably buy a new set of "regular blades" and I guess i'm always looking for that extra edge and thought about buying some "other mowers blades" to see how they would work. I realize they would have to be 16.5" long and the right diameter. I just cant seem to get a slick cut that some of the other brand mowers get... I mow 2 large cemetaries and I realize that is a tuff mowing job on any ZTR because of running over bodies"in ground of course" Ha ..seriously.. it has lots of mounds and dips over graves. I looked in the catalogs and see that there are a blue zillion different blades for different mowers. One final note to this is that my dane does OK on some grasses on level, nice ground but I also see some grasses you cant cut with anything. My mom, who is 85, always called it road grass and it just kinda bends over. I guess I wondered about trying say toro / dixie chopper / xxmower / craftsman / murray/ blades to see if it makes any difference....I hope you get the idea.......... Thanks One last thing is $7 plus change, high for a oil filter for a 19 hp Kawasaki and does everyone use "Dealer" brands and not Fram/Napa/ etc??? Thanks


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I got a cross reference for my oil filter. I now use Fram filters at $2.89, instead of the Kubota at $7.00.

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