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Blades / discharge


LawnSite Member
Raleigh, NC
I have some questions that maybe someone can help with. I have 44" Fastrack 16 hp. I also have the mulch kit.

1st - What is the best blades for Mulching. I live in NC and you cant always count on dry grass. The standard mulching blades that came with the kit didn't do it for me. The grass was damp but still I was moving very slow, and the cut was very bad.

2nd - Does anyone have problem with the discharge shoot dragging the ground with deck is set for 2"? Today I cut the grass and when I hit a dip the discharge shoot dug into the soft ground. Really made a mess. Going to mulching would take care of it but only if it works. I would love to have this adjusted up some when not cutting with the mulch kit.

3rd - The blades that you pick up from the shop. Do you have them sharpen them before you use them? I was just wondering if that could be the problem. I remember reading in a thread, stated you should always sharpen the new blades. Is that the Norm?

any thoughts?



LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
1. Wavy mulching blades
2. At 2" if you hit a uneven part of the lawn or dip and the chute digs in, you will just have to be more careful, the chute is designed to stop objects from being thrown out to far.
2" is rather low for a rotary mower, but it can be done, why are you cutting so low?
3. Yes and no.....lol...lol.... for average conditions you should be fine, for extremely tough grass I would give them a little sharpening.



LawnSite Platinum Member
Ive never sharpened new blades. I reckon its a waste of time. Blades loose that real sharp edge real quick, especially if your cutting at 2"! Some say (even Hustler SZ hand book) that you should take off that real sharp edge.
Balancing is a good idea though!

For the chute, if you dont want to mow with it up, you could drill a hole in it, tie a bit of string to it and also to somewhere close at hand. When you come up to a spot where it may hit, just pull on the string and raise it till your past that spot.


LawnSite Member
Might also consider using a Qwikchute. There's now a model that fits 44" and 52" FasTraks, Minis and Super Minis -- about 200 bucks. While you mow, it lets you change on the fly from mulch to partial discharge to full discharge and back again. Great for keeping grass clippings off mulch beds, drives, sidewalks, etc.