Blades for Exmark turf tracer 36"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnBoy627, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. weaver

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    alot of sod, fescue
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    i run 2 exmark metros i run high lifts all the time. i have the chutes on the machines so if i need to keep the clippings down all i do is put the chute down. i also carry rack'em baggers to throw on if i need to collect the clippings. i tried the gator blades (mulching blades) years ago and found that while they did reduce the clippings being thrown out they didnt provide the suction under the deck to lift the grass and make a clean cut. i found they didnt cut all the grass evenly. the high lifts work for me and my customers. biggest thing with any blades in my opinion is keeping them sharp, balanced, and with a clean deck.
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    Just put them in a + position.. I posted a pic somewhere.

    We get heavy spring growth and wet conditions. Never take the mulch kit of with doubles. :clapping:

    Stay far away from serrated edge blades like gators. They are messy in heavy growth
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    New mower blades needed for my turf tracer 36. This will be for mulching leaves with a side discharge plate cover. Any suggestions. The scag eliminators I ordered had the wrong spindle hole siZe.
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    I started with a 36" Viking- Trivantage deck. Started the season with the mulch kit on since I hadn't removed it from last year. It was PAINFUL how slow I had to go to not clumps, mohawks, or double cut. All my lawns are KBG, fescue, and we had a very wet spring.

    Removed the mulch kit and went back to the factory high lifts. Due to the rain and extreme growth surges, I still had to scrape almost daily, and the clippings were a bit on the long side.

    Tried regular Gators. They didn't stripe as well, left about as many stringers if not slightly more than the overly broke in high lifts, but clippings were smaller.

    Switched to G5 blades. I haven't looked back. Best stripe yet, smaller clippings than high lifts and they get thrown FAR, and they hold an edge MUCH longer.
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    Double post
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    That last line hit the nail on the head. The challenge is finding what works for your specific mower, conditions and grass types.
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