Blades for this summer - Not Gator Mulching?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Tha5150, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I haven't run the gators other than one set maybe 10 years ago and wasn't impressed. But if I understand correctly the new G series blades are a fusion blade which I've had pretty good luck with the quality of the blade and with how long they stay sharp. My hustlers oem blades are fusion. We have enough sandy type soil in our area that I'll have a blade eat clear through the back lift of the blade about the time my blades to worn to sharpen any longer.
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    Well you sure are telling us what kind of lousy work you must do with Dull blades.

    The OP is from Lakeland not Arcadia. Lakeland is a college town with Industry and BTW it is also the Center of the State where State Certification tests are given.

    Don't Knock Cutting Grass in Arcadia. You might be very surprised at how much Z turncutter makes per hour Cutting Grass in Arcadia. BTW most turf there is Bahia which requires very sharp blades to get a good cut. Do you have any Idea how much money there is in Arcadia. You think you see a backward farm town. But Desoto Country has the most acres of citrus gloves per county in the state of Florida. It also is a large Cattle area plus other agriculture like melons etc. Don't forget all the retired Multi Billionaires and their exotic African animal ranches etc. Dr Hamilton who has Pain Management Offices in the Orlando area, has 400 areas surrounded by a 12 ft Fence to keep his Africa animals in. The fence alone cost a small fortune. His driveway is over a 1/4 mile long and Looks like a Nursery with all the Landscape.

    PS My Market is on the Gulf Coast Water Front Homes on Canals. So people with Million Dollar homes want quality work. I changed Blade twice a day on 42 inch 4 MPH Walkers to give them that quality.

  3. Ric did you solely run walkers, or did you have other brands and charge the customers more if you used your walker? I to this day have yet to see any company here use a walker. Now let's face it, your hack jobs won't bc they can't afford one, but even the established companies don't use them....
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    I had one 60" Lesco Two Some for condos and other large areas. But I used a 42" 20 Hp Walker on the inside/outside Perimeters.

    Most all of my residential accounts were under 5 K and the 42" Walkers are so maneuverable that it was faster than a bigger mower on those lawns. They also give the best cut of any Ride on.

    The Ric-A-Green is on a Walker. IMHO the Walker is the best Machine for the Water Front Canal properties in my area. My Favorite Walker was my 1993 20 hp Walker with the engine turned backward from todays Models. It was just a little narrower and held the hills the best of any Walker I had. The Worst Walker was the 1997.

    I never went with the 26 EFI model because of the Computer. I always ran 42" decks and the 20 Hp was plenty strong enough. However My first 16 Hp wasn't powerful enough.

    Walker engines are low to the ground and collect dirt easy. They are also enclosed so they don't cool easy. Therefore around 1200 Hours they got tired. I kept New Engines in stock and could change one out in under an hour and be back in production.

    After Hurricane Charlie I sold out to my Superintendent but Kept one Walker for a person mower and Ric-A-Green. I also drop all credentials at that time In Oct of 2007 I went back in business part time as a Fert & Squirt Guy only. I had to re sit for the Certification tests.

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    You guys are hilarious, yet informative. I can not see any more sharpening that once a month with the bi weekly 5 accounts I have. Especially since they are duplex's and four-plex's. Once I start getting some actual residential accounts worth a damn, I will re acess.

    As for the blades, I will take a picture and you guys tell me how worn they are. Currently they are doing the job just fine.

    One thing I need to know is the easiest way to change them: IE- get the blades off. What I did the other day was use my floor jack on the front, chalk the back tires so they wouldn't move and get down on the garage floor with a socket wrench and breaker bar.

    I am sure there are easier ways?
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    Yes what you cut in a month a real yard guy cuts before breakfast. Once a month sharpening should be good for you.

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    Ric, thanks for the kind words ;)

    Also, I appreciate the info you have provided thus far. Good info for a guy like me.
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    Any Recommendations I have seen are to replace blades around the ten hour interval, depending on grass type and conditions
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    Ric I'm aware of what is around there as in money; however, you didn't read his very first post. He's cutting 5 lawns twice a month.... You really think he is mowing for busch gardens? I doubt someone on here asking about a certain blade or what one and stating he is new at this is landing jobs like you describe. Not to knock the OP just saying it's pretty obvious that he doesn't need to change blades every other lawn. Yeah your right I usually sharpen once a month, but the amount of blades I carry is a different story. I just drop them off and write it off. I only sharpen mine around 3-4 times and then just get a new set because they start to get a little shorter. I start to notice when I turn on corner lots and it leaves a few stranglers behind. For some reason Wright mowers are picky they must not have as much overlap as other makes or it's just the lack of vacuum.

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