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blades won't kick in


LawnSite Member
st. joseph mo.
i just recently bought a mini z went home tried to use it and the blades won't engage. what do you think? i know i will have to take it back to have it looked at but i thought i would just ask you.


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Syracuse, NY
Thats weird.
I would start by making sure the fuse is good, but if it is blown there is a reason for it.
Does the engine die when you engage the pto switch ? or does it just not turn on the blades ?
It could be a couple of things.
Like you said, best thing is to take it back to the dealer ASAP and they will take care of it for you.



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Also make sure the chain is engaged for where you can attach the blower. I had my chain come loose and I didn't notice it, I looked at the belts, etc, then realized the chain had come loose and the belts weren't gettin tension.


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Its most likely something simple like a loose wire, etc. I ran a Hustler Z once and if I remember the handle had to be put in the drive mode before the blades would engage. Or was that a different brand. Did you read the manual?