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    I have finished my first growing season with my new walk behind. I can't believe I had been using a lawn tractor and bagging all my yards before. The mulcher on the walk behind saved me a lot of time this summer.

    Leaves have started falling and I am still cutting my slow growing yards. The leaves and straw is to thick for my mulcher to give me a nice clean look so this past week I attached the side bagger and started bagging. I was not happy ... debris still on yards ... so I called my dealer and he assured me to leave the mulching blades on and keep on bagging.

    This did not seem right, so Friday I got a set of high lift blades and wow what a difference. I am not sure why the dealer wanted me to keep using mulching blades (unless it is because they cost more and put more in his register at the end of the month).

    Does anyone bag with mulching blades and I'm just missing something or do you all switch to high lift blades? Has anyone one tried to use the high lift blades with the mulch kit in the growing season? What kind of success? The high lift blades are almost $10 a set less and could save me some money if used year round.

  2. I'm in the bluegrass belt so my conditions are different from yours. I can't use a mulch kit unless it's specifically for leaves.
    But what I do is use mulching blades AND high lifts all season. I use them as double blades. The mulching blade on top and the high lifts on the bottom do the actual cutting. It really shreads everything to pieces and works on the occasion when I need to bag.
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    Depending on your mower, each are different, but I have great success with the Gator Blades in the fall. Shreds the hells out of leaves, pine needles, ect...Otherwise, I use highlift all summer. Good luck.

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