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    On the Excaliburs:

    I just received a set, and looking at them, they seem dull? Do they need to be sharpened when they're brand new? Also will Exmark continue to make the regular notched hi-lifts?(they look easier to sharpen) :)

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    Personally I sharpen and balance all new blades. A new blade will usually have a very course grind and that leaves a very rough edge. The can get buy with a rough stone that puts the edge on fast because the heat treating process occurs after the edge is ground.

    New blades also don't always balance out all that well. This is a good test to determine if the blade hole is aligned properly or if there is some other imperfection in the blade construction. Anytime a new blade is significantly out of balance you should give it a good inspection to determine if it's just a poor grind or if there is a problem with the blade. Heck I've seen them with only one cutting edge sharpened. It's rare but it does happen and usually those items are found here and don't make it to the field. Generally they won't be out of balance by a large amount but they will usually need a little touching up. I always wondered if the rough grind on the cutting edge wasn't the cause for the minor balance issues typically seen with new blades.



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