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    What is the differents between the gator blade and the notched high lift blade? What do you use each one for?

    What kind of blade do you use for mulching and which blade for bagging on your ztr ¿

  2. TLS

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    Gator blades (except for the newer HI-Lift and Magnums) are usually a LO-Lift design. They don't tend to "Stand" the grass up very well. They may work well at lower cutting heights though (ie < 3").

    The notched foil is what most mowers come with from the factory (OEM). I still to this day do not understand the reason for the notch (it weakens the blade), and it also lessens the "total" lift. I prefer a solid lift foil fulley sharpened to bolt blade.


    I have a question for you! I'm no computer dummy, but how the heck do you get an upside down ? :confused:

    Not that I have any real use for it, but just wondering! I have a keyboard with lots, and LOTS of buttons all over it, but none are marked with that!

  3. Cooper Landscaping

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    i believe its alt + soem combination of numbers- will experiment when i get home and on my computer- will let you know if i figure it out
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    Windows should have a special character option....

    Click Start, Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, Add Remove Windows Components, Accessories , check character map ... I think this adds the extra keys, etc.

    But, I could be wrong.
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    Alt + 936 should do it for you :) yes i do have way too much time on my hands (its 130 in the am here now lol) hope this helps lol

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