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  1. hunting202

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    How many of you balance your blades? How important is it? What will happen if you do not do it?
  2. Got one of those little cone balancers. But I have some tough spindles. Cast steel housings & taper roller bearings. Balancing ain't that important to me.
    Have a WB with aluminum housing & ball bearings. I watch that a little closer when balancing.
  3. Sooners

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    You can wear the bearings out in your blade mandrels if the blades are not balanced. I tried the old method of using a nail of round rod, but I don't feel they are that accurate. I'm getting ready to build a blade balancer using a pillow block bearing with an attached bolt to hold the blade. That should be more accurate. I know companies out there make blade balancers, I just have not seen one.
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    I use the little plastic cone to balance mine. The nail just did not seem to work for me. I notice on my W/B If the blades are not balanced it vibrates so bad I do not want to hold on to it. The high end blade balancers like the Magna Matic are a littlebit more than I want to spend.

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