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Hello eXmark,

Last summer I had to stop using the eXcalibur Mulching blades w/mulch kit because of numerous customer complaints....the grass looked pushed was not lifted properly prior to cut. This happened w/more than 1 unit & w/more than 1 set of mulch blades...we were cutting @3"-3.5". I switched to notched eXcaliburs w/mulch kit & the cut was more complaints.

Now I'm trying to run the mulch kits in the spring...cutting 2" w/notched & there's allot of under deck build up occuring. I'm going to try solids which have less lift & should reduce under deck build up w/the mulch kit?

Unrelated to above question: Why do you claim solids give a better cut than notched in normal conditions? The notched have better lift so should in theory produce a nicer cut especially at higher settings?

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The solid airfoils will add even more build up under the deck than the notched airfoils. It's really tough to mulch northern grasses in the spring. If it were my machine I would probably go back to the standard mulching blade.

The solid airfoil wehn side discharging or bagging applications does in my opinion leave a more manicured cut in all but wet or extremely lush conditions. This blade seams to hold the air on the blade tip much better and while it may not produce quite as much lift it also does not produce quite as many turbulence either.

The notched airfoil on the other hand appears allow the air to roll off the tip a little more than the solid airfoil blade. That is why it discharges better, higher and farther than the solid airfoil. It also help move wet sticky grass out of the deck before it can stick and build up.

I'm not sure why each blade does what it does. I just prefer the cut of the solid airfoil over the notched airfoil in all but wet or lush conditions. Maybe it's just my preference.


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