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  1. trails end lawn

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    I have a question on mower blades. I dont understand what is so great about Gator Blades as opposed to a regular mower blade. Could some one please explain to me what some of these blades do different thanks. t
  2. Smithers

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    I can speak regarding the Exmark Gator blades, but i think they are all pretty muc the same.

    the straight blades are just sharp. the Gator Blades have "teeth" at the end. It is almost the same blade, but serated with huge long 3-4 teeth at the end, which shreds the leaf or grass into tiny pieces.
  3. Mo Green

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    Thier mulching capability is far superior to that of a normal blade. Work very well on leaves.

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have recently experimented with sharpening each of the teeth on my gator blades so the leading edge on each tooth has a sharper edge. They seem to perform better than stock. It only takes a few seconds to reverse the motor direction on my RBG grinder and touch each tooth to the wheel. Just a second is all it takes to create a nice edge. Any one else try this? What results have you had?

    I also had the pleasure of using a Dewalt 14.4 volt impact gun to remove the blades. Before I used a KNUCKLE buster and a 15/16 socket to do it, what a pain in the %@#!!!!

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