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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Dec 3, 2005.

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    Dana's post got me to thinking and sometimes that's bad, verrrrrry bad. :p

    Here's a couple of pictures taken at one of our sites where the complaint was about extremely muddy areas caused by the irrigation system. Although the irrigation system was the direct contributor, the real cause was allowing the system to stay active so late in the season. In mid October I lobbied to turn all our controllers off. Although it was still in the low 70s during the day the night temps were dropping fairly good. All the controllers had been cut back but I noted that some sites, especially those with rough grounds, were starting to develop muddy spots in the low-lying areas. (At this time of the year cutting the controllers back even further really wasn't an option since it takes two of us two days to reprogram 106 controllers.) Boss didn't want to listen to administrators complain that their fields were getting too dry so the controllers stayed on. Finally on November 16th I got the word to shut them down for the season because muddy areas were starting to develop. :rolleyes:

    BTW... These pictures were taken Thursday when the muddy areas were starting to harden up and there was no standing water. It rained fairly good yesterday and now these areas have standing water again.

    Pinkham Muddy Areas WP-01.jpg

    Pinkham Muddy Areas WP-02.jpg

    Pinkham Muddy Areas WP-03.jpg

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    So.... is it normal practice to drive across school grounds to locate to wet areas? (just kidding) :rolleyes:
    My daughter went to that school many years ago.
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    In my case I drive wherever I want. Gotta have the truck and equipment where I need it. :p

    If you're referring to the ruts those were caused by one of the mowers who didn't have enough sense to stay out of an area that obviously looked wet. :D

    Cool. As you know then schools are always in a state of flux. These wet areas are located in the northeast section of the school where portables have been moved in and out so many times due to attendence fluctuations and whether or not new schools have opened. The last time portables were removed from sites the foundations were left and fenced off because the possibility of setting new portables is a given. The site custodian has turned his fenced off area into a leaf bin to temporarily corral all the leaves he's picked up until there is adequate room in dumpsters to get rid of them.
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    Did my good dead for today. Noticed a lake yesterday at a park next to one of our sites and thought that maybe their system was still on and they had a broken sprinkler. The lake was still there this morning and I determined that there was a break in a line. Marked it with orange paint, then had our secretary call the city parks department and she had to leave voicemail indicating the problem. Still wasn't taken care of as of 2:30 this afternoon. :rolleyes:

    I figure if no one has taken care of at least isolating the leak by tomorrow I'll send one of the attached pictures to a city council member. ;)

    Whitendale Park Leak WP-01.jpg

    Whitendale Park Leak WP-02.jpg

    Whitendale Park Leak WP-03.jpg
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    Forgot to ask... What kind of bird is that in picture #3? Egret maybe?
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    That bird is about to become lunch to a rare California Croc....Crikey!

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    Hayes, that ain't a leak in the park, that is the early stages of a rice paddy!! You would think someone would notice something like that a few hours into the leak.
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    Root, Jon... root. LOL

    (Sent a picture of the bird to my dad in Ecuador who says it is an egret.)
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    What amazes me Jerry is that my partner swears that the lake started forming last week. I went onto our site via the fire lane and he went on through the park so he would know how long it's been forming. However, if you call any of the city offices you don't get to speak with a real person (unlike our department). Maybe someone has tried to report it and just got tired of the voicemail options. :p
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    I am pleased to report that the city guys finally responded at 8:45 am today and turned off their backflow. :rolleyes:

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