Blank T-Shirts?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by trackgimp, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have found an awesome company to do some signs for me and they have the ability to do t-shirts. The only thing is that they don't do a lot of it so they don't have any shirts at their location.

    I would just like to purchase a bunch of blank shirts and take them to him to print. I would like something along the lines of a "vegas gold" shirt (a gold that is similar to what the New Orleans Saints, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Purdue and some other teams use for their gold). I think that color would stand out as not being white but would also be cooler then some darker colors on those hot July days.

    Have any of you bought shirts before to take to the printer? If so, where did you get them from? About what type of prices did you get?

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  3. B&D Lawn Care

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    My wife went to AC moore and picked up an assload for 2 bucks each. Costing me another 2 bucks each to get them printed.
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    Found some shirts at for abt 2 bucks,shorts run abt 5 and hats run abt 4.30 or so.I have some one printing mine but i know u can get a cheap program and print them yourself.Go to Staples office supply and chech it out.Good luck!

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