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    First let me set my questions up with a little background info. I only do residential maintenance and have never done commercial property maintenance for mowing, fert or WC and have a couple questions. I have calculated my costs per 1000 sf for Escalade which is my weed control product this season. So far I have had great success with this product on smaller properties. Today a neighbor approached me about a one time blanket application of WC at his cousins factory which is badly overrun with weeds. He maintains this property and I would be doing this a favor. It is about an acre of grass and I quoted $130.00 per acre per application. I realize this could blow up in my face since you shouldnt work for friends or family but.....

    For the guys that do commercial do you charge a little more for commercial due to the deeper pockets or charge the same for residential / commercial, regardless?

    If the first blanket application doesn't provide 100% kill of the weeds how do you retreat the area? Spot treatment or another blanket application. I agree that this is dependant on how many residual weeds are left. but for arguments sake lets agree that there are a couple weeds every 1000 sf that werent killed with the first application. Just enough to make spot treatment a pain in the but.

    How would you charge for the repeat application? Smaller properties are easier because you can spot treat them efficiently, but larger properties may be more difficult to do that way. I would charge the same for a second blanket application due to the ammount of product applied and associated costs. I could reduce this price slightly due to my profit margin but should I?

    If I get the job should I require a contract for this one time application before starting?
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    On commercial properties we charge more than residential because we are required to carry a higher gl insurance policy. If you they don't ask for a certificate of insurance, I would still charge the "normal" commercial rate. Are you required to wear hard hat or other types of safety apparal? Many factories or other comm. props. require this. With all the liability that you must worry about, you must pass that on to the consumer, whether comm. or res.

    Are you going to hand spray or use other equpment? That can make a difference in price as well.

    As far as wc for grass, if it is mainly broadleaf weeds, I would run the higher label rate with surfactant or sticker, to make sure you get the job done the first time. I would explain to them that for proper wc you must do 2 apps. If they say "I will call you later if we need it", that means you will only get one app. so you better charge more. Explain to them you can't give any type of "guarantee" on your service with only 1 app. If that is the case, charge more for a single app. and if they call back give them discount (10%-15% off)for second app. (total blanket app.)

    As far as a contract, that could be a good idea, if you require full payment up front. Most of the time, contracts for us don't work well.

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    Yard pro, good advise all around. My target pest is broadleaf weeds and I will be applying them with a permagreen ride on sprayer/spreader. My chemical of choice is called Escalade. So far it has performed better than the Triplet I just finished using last year. My only complaint is it that it is slow acting even with a sticker. But it has a good kill rate compaired to the Triplet.

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