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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Apr 2, 2008.


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    I got my first ever teaching review. Self promotion is not something I do well but if I'm going to create a new career I need to suck it up. Tap into my Barnum and Bailey side and just do it.

    If you've been following the threads you would know that LawnMasters and I were planning a get together. He was one of the neatest people I've had the pleasure to meet. Young, (I'm jealous) full of enthusiasm for learning, well spoken, talked loud, (I have a hearing problem) and grasped my teaching very fast. One of the funnest days I've had in ages. Well here is his review sent in a PM.

    He also added in another PM how I had changed his business focus to include water conservation which was one of my main goals.
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    Good deal. Now LawnMaster, give us some REAL dirt on him. Happy it was educational for both of you. Keep it up.

    I agree with having a problem of self promotion. I despise doing it. One reason I was not good at selling installs.
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    Leo "disappeared" for a few days to his brother's house in Texas but I think he really hooked up with Peter for some specialized training. :laugh:

    There's nothing wrong with self promotion... as long as you don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. <JK> :drinkup:

    Seriously... we have two new grounds guys that we're training in the irrigation area. Boss wants to run more guys this summer in order to try and keep up on all the problems we get swamped with and to release me to work more on all the highly technical problems we encounter. Clocks are on and the work orders are coming in. We'll see what happens and whether or not the committment continues... or I may end up being committed. :dancing:

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    Hey I'm an open book. Anything he wants to tell you is fine with me. I got a kick out of it when the first timer was an Imperial. He was blown away about it. We saw a second Imperial the same day. Both installed before he was born. He was your dream employee. Teach him a job one time and he runs with it. Unfortunately people like Markus tend to be self employed. I felt guilty he did all this work but he insisted on not being reimbursed. As a gift I bought him a RB popup stem holder.

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    I also have a self promotion problem....

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    NO! its all about me!
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    Peter how do you use different colors on google calendar? do you just make a different account for a different employee so it can be a separate calendar?
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    It was a great day of learning. Saw many things that I have never seen before out in my area, like that Imperial controler, some copper sprinkler heads, battery operated valves. I can not think of any dirt on him, lol. It was a lot of fun working with him for the day. One of the biggest things i learned was that I need to get me a Rain Master Pro Max UA :)
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    He has seen an Imperial controller! (extra points if it wasn't a Valet model)

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