Blazing Products (Snap Tap Saddle)

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by TurfPro, May 17, 2005.

  1. TurfPro

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    We are in the south and have always used PVC Combo Tees with swing joints for each head. So these "snap taps" interest me.....
    How many of you have used them and how dependable have they proved to be?
    Theres no doubt they are quicker than pvc tees,but I'm more conserned with the long term results. Anyone had to replace them on service calls for pipe leaks??
  2. bicmudpuppy

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    This is a product that I feel is still in evolution. The "old" pvc blazzing saddles had to have a "support" insert when you installed them. You then removed the inert and threaded into them. With this style, you couldn't get the swing barb insert. The "new" blazzing saddles for pvc are stronger and don't need the insert. I've had fairly good luck with them both on pvc and poly. It is possible to break the point as you are screwing the assembly together. If this happens and you don't catch it, you do get a leak. The good news is, it is an easy fix (dig it back up, unscrew it, screw in a new one and swap the swing pipe). In say 5 systems, you might see one or two broken. Whether you catch it before or after you bury them will depend on how big a hurry everyone is in and how experienced they are. Also, less experienced help may be more likely to break them. On this note I have no point of reference. Myself and my son are all the workers I have.
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    Thanks for the reply,

    I tried a few free samples and the biggest consern I have is the insert actually stretches the hole in the pipe as it goes thru. Not too bad on the surface but I noticed that it created a small split in the pipe as that bothers me.

    I will say though,if they are dependable they would save you tons of time on installs. I have a couple large installs ahead and would like to save the money in labor,but it's not worth the gamble in my mind. Could you imagine digging up and replacing 2-300 leaking saddles and then cutting in new tees?

    Any more comments from users? or service guys?
  4. Dirty Water

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    We occasionally use a form of snap tee that you glue into place, and then use a low profile drill to puncture a hole in the pipe. Are these similar?
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  6. Dirty Water

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  7. bicmudpuppy

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    With the original blazzing saddles for pvc, we still had to pre-drill. I'm betting you would still have to w/ sch 40. I think it was a 1/8" bit to start the hole. It was small, but you did have to pre-drill or the insert snaped instead of snapping :)
  8. ed2hess

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    I realize this is 3 years old but does anybody know where I can get some of these snap tee that are glued onto a 3/4" pvc. I have used them before it is a saddle that you glue onto the sorta snaps on and then you drill a hole into the pipe. Quick way to add a head.
  9. Green Sweep

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    We've been using blazing saddles for 3 years now. I would never go back to the "push & pull" method of gluing tees on. Have had very few fail. The only problem that we had is that they were snapping when running over the pull lines - especially with our large 410 machine. If they are a foot deep or more, this will not happen. If we have to pull the pipe a little more shallow, the we install them sideways on the pipe.
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    I have used them in the past and love them. Buying about 100 more next week.

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