Blazing Wire Connectors

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Jul 22, 2009.

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    I don't doubt DryCons can be good. I have done far fewer connections than any of you and I have seen several drycon's where the cap fell off (no strain relief). I also found it was tough to get a real tight grip with the cap due to the grease acting as a lubricant. Are the Dry Con guys saying you don't have that problem?

    If that is correct, I will start carrying DryCons (maybe I was doing a poor job when I used them). I found the Blazing DBRs to be essentially the same thing as Dry Cons except they had strain relief and a double Oring sealed cap that locked the cap on and kept the grease in. From my experience of using the Blazing, I found it more secure, tighter and impossible to break, loosen or fall off. If you really disagree that it is no better than a Dry Con, I will start to carry drycons.


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    Maybe I misunderstand, but the drycon/Kings I use are essentailly a wirenut, with either white or clear grease in them. they also have a starlike bottom affixed to the wirenut. I've never had the cap come off from strain, typically if you pull hard enough the wire comes out, but I have tried to unscrew a connection and had the inner metal cone come out by virtue of me unscrewing it. I pay about 30-35 cents each for the larger king's ( can do 3-4 12's or 3 10's max, 8's are the next size up ) by ordering the 100 packs of the higher volatage blue and reds at Lowe's, If you can meet or beat that price, I'll buy.

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