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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pace lawn care, Oct 3, 2000.

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    Is blade tip speed the reason I can't cut at 7-9 miles an hour? Husqvarnar dealer say's it's 17500-18500. Blades are sharp, but it leaves spriggs of grass at that speed. Dixies are supposed to be 19000. Should I try to increase to 19000 or just slow down. I know it is federlay regulated at 19000. Iguess that possible 1500 or so make's the differance?
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    I think it is a lot to do with deck design. 1500 feet is alot I guess in a minute. But, deck baffle design, blade design, and horsepower are all important. There are alot of variables. I think it is simply an engineered combination of all of these. I haven't heard that the Husky's deck is all that good of a cut. Big 4 cut quality masters are Exmark, JD 7 iron, Dixie (and Chariot!!).

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    Hey Tommy i must add our new chariot with these marbane steel blades have a very fast blade tip speed and they really really cut awesome, not just because its ours hehe but its excellent even at high speeds!!!
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    all does matter, but blade tip speed is very important. The best design with slow btp means you still must slow down to cut everything, especially tough weeds and tall grass.
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    Gary --

    Try double blades and you will not see as many of those sprigs and stems left behind. Use a Gator on the bottom and a medium or high lift on the top.

    It takes a bit more of your HP, but the slight loss is worth the enhanced cut.
  6. pace lawn care

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    Took mower to dealer today, it's running 3860rpm's and 3730 with double-blades engadged. We think maybe the belt is slipping, only a tension spring for adjustment, I can spin the blades fairly easy. He swares it will cut at 9mph but I can't get it. Granted Bahaya sprouts are tough on any mower but it also leaves just grass. 3860rpms sounds high to me, maybe his tact is wrong, but he say's not.

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