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    As some of you may be aware, BLEC USA, Inc has recently undergone several changes, which will now include a new name. From this point forward we will be known as STEC, or Specialized Turf Equipment Company, which we feel more accurately explains who we are.

    It is not often that a company undergoes a major change such as this, so we wanted to proactively explain what has prompted this change, and what you can expect from our company moving forward.

    First and foremost, it is important to understand that the everyday workings of our company will remain the same. Actually, we have added new employees and implemented new policies to help us function more smoothly. From the exterior, the only thing that will be noticeable will be the transition from BLEC USA, Inc to STEC, Inc.

    After being in America for over 10 years, we have become the industry leader in manufacturing and distribution of specialized turf equipment. With a commitment to quality products, and the support you would expect from a family owned business, BLEC USA, Inc was consistently on the forefront of technology for the turf industry. We began to expand our product line by importing other machines which we felt would be of great value and use to the American consumer. As this became and increasingly successful venture, we began to outgrow the name BLEC USA, Inc because it no longer describes the full scope of our company, as BLEC was only a single brand that we distribute. After years of careful consideration STEC, (Specialized Turf Equipment Company) was waiting in the background and ready to be launched. This began by introducing machines as our private brand, which not only made a sound addition to our product lineup, but also gave us the increased ability to supply parts. We soon realized that STEC was not only an important part of our diverse lineup; it was actually a perfect description of who we have become.

    We now stand as a financially strong company, with a knowledgeable staff, a stocked warehouse, and a commitment to providing our customers with not only top quality equipment, but also excellent customer service. With plans already in the works for a larger facility, an increase in personnel, and many new products on the drawing board, we are looking forward to a very bright future. We bring all of this to you as STEC, and we are “Setting the Standard.”

    Warmest regards,

    David Taylor

    STEC Contact Information
    Toll Free: 888-325-2532
    Phone: 864-225-3666
    Fax: 864-225-3640

    Sales: Jason Sentell Ext. 103

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