Bleeding hydro system on a Lazer Z

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jason2, Sep 23, 2002.

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    I have a question regarding the hydro system on a Lazer Z. Model # LZ18KC523. Serial # 167537.

    The unit in question has 370 hours on it, recently it developed a leak on one of the hydro pumps. It was leaking between the aluminum pump body and the steel plate on front of the unit. I acquired a overhaul kit for the pump.

    I removed the pump, replaced the bad gasket, filled the pump with Mobil 1 and reinstalled.

    The pump I did the work on is very sluggish. I bled both the high pressure reverse and high pressure forward lines, at the wheel cylinders. I got some air on both lines. But it is still sluggish, the reservoir is still murky, so I know there is air in the system. Also it is pushing oil out the reservoir cap breather hole.

    I failed to mention I installed a new filter and oil about a week before I tore the pump down.

    I'd appreciate any tips for bleeding the system. The hydros worked great, but the one pump leaked. So I assume it's still an air problem.

    Thanks, Jason
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    Thanks for dropping us a note.

    A few things jump out at me. The murky oil and the oil coming from the reservoir cap indicate air ingestion. If the wheels are driving solid but just a little sluggish I would jack the mower up, place it on jack stands and run it in reverse for about 15 minutes. If everything was put back together right and your only problem is air this should eliminate it.

    I would also look at all of the small lines on the machine. Most of these are "feed" lines for the pump and can allow air to be sucked into the system if they have even a small leak in them. Make sure the hydro filter is tight (only hand tight, no wrench).

    I should also wish you luck. We get several calls each year from owner/operators who attempt what sounds like a simple gasket replacement and ends up being a pump replacement due to improper installation. If the problem doesn't clear up quickly get it into your dealer just in case.



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