blending amine with ester to save money

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    Anybody else do this? We use ester for creeping Charlie, but for first time app's on really weedy lawns, we often blend Chaser (ester) with Mecamine-D (amine). Works great, saves money, and provides total kill. I treated a 70,000 sq ft acreage today with a 50/50 blend. This is a question I've been meaning to ask for a long while.

    rscvp, thanks:usflag:
  2. Leaf Jockey

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    I've never tried it but I've thought about it. When you say 50/50, do you mean each product is mixed at half rate or two full rate products in the same tank?

  3. americanlawn

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    Sometimes I'll mix it 50/ if I need 4 quarts of BWC (broadleaf weed control), I'll put in two quarts of amine and two quarts of ester. Same total overall rate.

    Our female applicator and her husband just bought a new house last week. I told her I would spray her lawn. I did. Problem was.......I already had "Mecamine-D plus fert" in my tank. So I spiked my mix with an additional 100% rate of Chaser cuz she had ground ivy (creeping Charlie). This means double the amount of herbicide according to the label.

    Her turf is green now, and all weeds are curling up for sure. Her neighbors have since called us for estimates, cuz creeping Charlie is also their main concern.
  4. indyturf

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    I use Cool Power and do the same thing!
  5. rcreech

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    Do you only use 24d on your lawns? Do you ever use any threeway products?

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Mecamine-D is a 3-way... Chaser is 2,4-d + Triclopyr....
  7. rcreech

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    I didn't know that!

    So you guys are mixing Three Way Ester and Amine?
  8. RigglePLC

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    Maybe a 50 to 50 ratio is good--HOWEVER--you are now applying a half-rate of dicamba and a half rate of triclopyr. You are not at label rate strength. Myself I would rather have my dicamba at full strength.

    Of course with the 2,4-D you have maxed out your yearly limit.

    Of course, I agree with you. I want the weeds gone--first time--every time.

    I recently found that products with sulfatrazone like Dismiss, Surge, or Q4--are superior to anything else when used on mallow.
  9. rcreech

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    I have found that I get great results with Three Way and add Quick Silver.

    It does a great job of filling in the gaps where Three Way is weak (ground ivy, wild violet etc.)
  10. FdLLawnMan

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    If I have Ground Ivy I use Momentum Fx2 with spreader sticker and have had great results. I have also used Three Way or Mecamine-D, they are the same product, with spreader sticker in the fall and have no ground ivy in the spring. Mec & 3 way have Dicamba and Momentum has Fluoroxypyr, both are very good at killing ground ivy when using a spreader sticker. I will be using Escalade 2 this fall which contains both Dicamba & Fluoroxypyr. can't wait to see how it works.

    Mike I
    Mike's Total Lawn Care

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