Blind man using a trimmer!


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This is what comes to mind every time I see a guy using a trimmer without safety glasses.Its not if you’re gonna get hit in the eye,it’s when. Passed a guy today edging without safety glasses. Started wondering how hard is it to learn braille? How bad would it suck to never see another beautiful woman? Or to never drive a car or ride the motorcycle. Even the cheapest $3.99 safety glasses are better than nothing. Some people don’t value their sight. Oh-well. His eyes not mine. Carry on.


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I always keep the following in my rig

eyewash station mounted on the wall
Sanitizing supplies
First aid kit (no, not a roll of duct tape)
Ear plugs
Ear muffs
Lots!! Of safety glasses
Suntan spray
Bug spray

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Ya, take safety glasses seriously. Just the other day, shot a walnut out my Z discharge, ricocheted off a tree, and hit me in the lip. Big fat lip, bled. If that were my eye....


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Worked at a machine shop when I was in school. CNC finished it's cycle and guy opens the door and starts blowing off the part and fixture. Metal shavings in his eye. Rushed to emergency. Has nothing to do with lawn mowing. Point is it can happen that fast.


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I have gotten dinged in the lip, the cheeks, other places in my face while running a trimmer, with the guard on even. No way I'm running it with no glasses.
I had a cigarette butt land in my lips!


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I’ve seen guys smoking cigs while they trim with no eye protection

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