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Blind man using a trimmer!


LawnSite Gold Member
Memphis TN
I was welding and grinding off the burrs and I'll be danged if one didn't shoot right up into my eye while wearing eye protection. Went just under the bottom edge. Had to have that one dug out and wear a blank contact for a few weeks, just a few years ago. Almost forgot about that.

DA Quality Lawn & YS

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Rochester, MN
I've seen people with Covid masks on, with a cigarette hole poked thru it.


LawnSite Gold Member
Wolfsnout for the win as it protects my mouth & nostrils. Safety glasses do the rest.

Mike NY

LawnSite Member
I used to have a rule, If anyone under my employ was caught trimming w/o safety glasses, anyone was allowed/encouraged to impart a good hard kick in the a$$. including crew leaders and owner(myself). On a side note, I've given safety glasses to other landscapers and homeowners who were trimming without. Eye pain is some of the worst pain you will ever encounter.


LawnSite Silver Member
Kansas City
When I was out I would always wear eye protection. Another thing that I just now started doing is always wearing gloves. Seems like most don’t. But at 25 seeing how bad my hands have been cut up, permanent callouses etc I see gloves as almost as important. Boots too depending what you’re doing.

If you think about it, the only real dangers of mowing are tipping over (which you have control over) and taking a rock to the eye (which is out of your control)