blindside and other new herbicides


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What's the word on blindside? Seems like a great product, especially for transition areas. Looking at the label the cool season rate is 3.25-6.5 oz/acrea and warm season rate is 6.5-10(even on st aug). Wondering if fescue could handle the high rate so all turf could be sprayed with the same mix?

What else are you excited about? I'm looking into blindside and gallery if the cost is ok. Gonna keep sticking with celcius for warm season apps(round 4 and 5 for me).


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After reading the horror stories with Imprellis this year, I think i will stay away from anything new until its proven by someone else.


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I do not think you would need the high rate of this product under most circumstances. It contains a premix of metsulfuron and sulfentrazone. Most weeds are easily killed by low rates of metsulfuron. The addition of sulfentrazone contributes to a more rapid visual effect as metsulfuron will take 3-4 weeks before it injury symptoms appear. Because this product contains a "sulfuron" the lower rates are better for cool season grass tolerance.