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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenLandscaping13, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. GreenLandscaping13

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    I have been looking at switching over to using a product called Blindside from FMC. I had been using Celsius but it is apparently out of stock by Bayer. I was wondering if anyone had any input on this product? It seems to be a really good product with long lasting results but I wanted to see if anyone had used it. I already found some cheap online but I am looking to get a case and don't want to invest that kind of money in a product if it isn't as good as advertised.
  2. manfromtexas06

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    I've used both on centipede and both worked really good. The blindside dose is a concern since I used the max of the range (10oz/A) and two weeks out I'm worried about a couple areas.
  3. fl-landscapes

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    Celsius will get some grassy weeds blindside won't. Can make your own blindside with metsulfuron and your choice of sedge herbicide.
  4. GreenThumb11

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    I used it last year early spring and actually burnt up turf. Centipede and St Aug. I may have just had a bad experience. Had two different techs treat two different lawns at medium rate and had burnt turf. FMC did somewhat make it right. I have not personally done anymore testing with it.
  5. greendoctor

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    Under the right circumstances, sulfentrazone(one part of Blindside) can be very damaging. I prefer to mix my own with no more than 4 oz Dismiss and 1/2 oz metsulfuron. Another thing to consider is time of year. Sulfentrazone is not a summer application. Centipede is very sensitive to metsulfuron. Know that applying more than the equivalent of 1/2 oz of the 60DF will damage it badly. When I want rapid contact activity on sedges and broadleaves, Quicksilver is much safer.
  6. Ric

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    I found Dismiss doesn't work as good in winter(under 80) months. Therefore I use Sulfentrazone in the winter and Dismiss in summer.

  7. ArTurf

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    I think you meant to say something else. Dismiss is sulfentrazone.
  8. Ric

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    I am 73 soon to be 74 years old. So the one big advanage of being old is I can blame my stupidity on my age. I will admit I don't keep up with the technial part of the Industry like I use to.

    I use Certainty (Sulfosulfuron) in the winter or cooler months.

  9. ArTurf

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    Good info to know, I posted a question about using certainty in cooler temps but got no response. I actually thought the opposite would be the case.

    Is age why you are kind of grouchy at times.
  10. Ric

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    No It is stupid people with stupid questions.


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