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    What do you guys think of BlissLights? Have you seen them before? I've seen them the last 2 years at our local Home & Garden shows. They always have a nice booth and people seem to be really drawn to the booth. I have to admit, I've been very intrigued. It's a totally different look than the kind of outdoor lighting most of us here do. It's also kind of gimmicky and maybe too Hollywood. But it's definitely unique and again, I've seen a lot of interest from homeowners at shows.

    Anyway, just wondered if you all had run into it before, seen it in action, installed it, etc. Here's a link;

  2. starry night

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    I haven't seen them before but after looking at the website, they are too contrived for me. I can see that they would be attention-getters at a home and garden show.
  3. RLI Electric

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    Looks as if they market it as a decoration and not landscape lighting. In my opinion, it looks horrific.
  4. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    I have some in my yard. They are installed with cut off switches so that I can turn them on whenever we entertain. The only time I ever turn them is if we're having a BBQ or a pool party. They're cool but not something that I'd run on a regular basis. They are fun to use as uplights on large trees because they kinda look like fireflies and the points of light have the appearance of moving as the tree moves in the breeze. The interesting thing is that the laser itself is literally crammed into a Malibu lighting fixture like you'd get form Home Depot. Kind of makes me wonder if I could take it out and install it in a Vista or FX fixture.
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    It's the Unique and extraordinary that attracts attention sometimes, however these would be great sellers in the Lowes & Home depot.
  6. David Gretzmier

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    since we also do Christmas lights, these could find a place here and there for me. I wish they had a whiter laser to truly mimic fireflies. I believe they have a blue version, but really, the sprite is the only one that cost wise I could mark up and install and hope folks would buy.

    I agree they are decorative and quirky, but many of my clients are decorative and quirky.
  7. starry night

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