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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by VO Landscape Design, May 23, 2008.

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    I want to use capstones to make a flat circle slightly sunk in the ground around a bed. How can I figure how many I will need to make a circle where the edges of each stone fit tight? Say the outside edge is 12" across and the back is 8". Is there a formula to figure out the amount needed short of buying them and laying them out and counting?
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    Depending on the size of the circle... take the circumference on the circle
    (3.14*diameter in inches) to calculate the amount needed I would take the circumference (in inches) and divide by 12" which gives you the number of caps you need. Add 10% to that number. For example, say it's a 6' wide circle (3.14*72"=226.08/12"=18.84caps*1.1=20.75caps) Since you can't buy 3/4 of a cap get 21. When you cut caps to make a curve your not cutting the outside edge (12" front) you're using that front corner as a reference point to cut the correct angle. If this is still confusing lay them out on the ground and count them and return the extras. lol

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