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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Bruce, Sep 22, 2002.

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    Do they have them for a 2002 Lazer 60'' cut and a 54'' turf tracer.Iam getting alot of grass blow out when iam cutting at 3''. The lazer is side discharge and the w/b is with the mulch kit.Both are about the same for grass blowing out (alot).
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    The degree of blow out will vary depending upon cutting conditions as well as grass types, blade type, cutting height, deck configuration and deck set up.

    Normally you'll see more blow out with a mulching kit compared to a side discharge deck, especially in dry conditions.

    To correct the blow out with your side discharge unit you should check the deck rake and verify that your in the 1/8" range and switch to the solid airfoil blade.

    For your mulching unit it really depends upon what youÂ’re mulching. You can decrease the blow out by adding some rake to the deck. The downside is that if you go too far you can reduce the cut quality and mulching quality as well. If the conditions are extremely dry often you can increase your ground speed a little and lower your cutting height to not only improve the mulch quality but reduce the blow out.

    What height are your cutting, how tall is the grass, are conditions dry, wet, sparse, thick lawns etc.

    Let me know at your convenience.



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