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    I’m confused.

    I have a SMZ 52”, what is the difference between the mulch kit and a blow out kit?

    I’m running gator blades and a homemade discharge cover and I get discharge out the front right of the deck. Which kit do I need to mulch and/or discharge?

    I’m thinking of using a quick chute for ease of operation but if front discharge is going to be this bad I don’t know.

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    There is no blow out kit for a Mini Z or Super Mini Z.
    If you want to mulch only, you would need to order the mulch kit, it will come with 2 baffles and a closure plate, and possibly blades depending on which kit you need.
    Using this mulch kit will reduce the amount of blow out you have, but it may not reduce all of it.

    Kit, 52" Mulch, FasTrak / Mini Z / Super Mini Z 365668 $94
    Kit, 52" Mulch, FasTrak / Hustler Mini Z / Super Mini Z 102640 $125
    (with serial # 05050800 or after/ larger opening) includes mulch blades

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