Blower attacked by pit bull

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RELIABLELAWNMAN, Mar 1, 2013.

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    A while back I had a drunk drug dealer neighbor that of course had a PB, they all do. I come home from softball and a few cops are parked in front of my house and I find out that my other neighbor called them because and older man was walking a small dog and the PB broke its chain and charged them. The old man picked up his dog and ran off. My neighbor told me later that he heard the PB owner yelling about people not walking their stupid little dogs in front of HIS house. I happen to walk 2 small dogs and my hunting lab in front of that house everyday and if that PB would chase me it would have been the last thing it ever did and the owner would have gotten a good thumpin just out of principle. I was so glad the last and final time I came home and there was about a dozen cops there and a few days later the place was vacant. I too have dealt with and owned dogs my whole life and pbs are a different animal just like anything if you use selective breeding for specific genetic traits into it long enough the species will be affected. Not like the bangers breed the dogs that lose the fights.
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    Pits, like many other dogs are what you make them. That is y 10 year old daughter btw. Duke, loves her as much as me. He never gets very far away.

    Back in the old days.. pits were never aggressive to other people. Why? Because even when they had dog fights, the handlers were in the ring with the dogs. Research it.

    Dogs are what you make them. Pits are stereo typed.
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    Time to move on. Agree to disagree
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