Blower blew up today!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ZX12R, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. ZX12R

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    Well,it didn't really blow up but it seized. I was using the 11 HP Giant Vac along with my back pac. I had the big blower in the street and I was about 30 feet away using the back pac to blow leaves off the lawn into the street. The GV stumbled which made me look but I knew there was plenty of gas in it so I kept blowing.Ten seconds later,it just stopped....WTF? I can pull the cord but its tight,there is oil in in so i don't know whats going on.It was the last house and i was able to finish up with the back pac but now I need a new motor. A new motor is $700.00 but I am going to get a price for a short block this week. That sucks,I don't get it,the motor ran fine ,didn't use oil,nothing.Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Jlwnsrvce

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    Yup,a buddy of mine gave me his 1 month old stihl chainsaw seized. Took out the plug,poured diesel fuel in the cylinder and let it soak. Every couple of minutes I'd lightly tug on the pull start. It took a few times but it did finally become un-seized. Dumped out the diesel fuel and then blew it out the cylinder the best I could. Put the plug in tried to fire it but it would get wet very quickly. After about 7 or 8 times of that, it fired! Smoked for about 20 minutes,put a new plug in and it now runs like new.
  3. ZX12R

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    Tomorrow,I was going to try to put oil thru the spark plug hole. Why did you use diesel fuel?
  4. Jlwnsrvce

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    Diesel fuel is a solvent. Give it try first!
  5. EJK2352

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    Before you drop $700 for a new engine, I would look at a new blower. 10 hp. Little Wonder sells for $879 new around here. So for less than an extra $200 you will have a completely new blower.
  6. TreffertLawnWrx

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    Threee weeks ago my Echo PB603 (bought this may) siezed up about 1 1/2 tanks into a cleanup. I was on my way down to the dealership and they informed me they could not give (get) me a demo at all. the parts would be ordered later that afternoon (fri) and it will be all together on wed. Well three weeks later I finally got it back. they got me a crappy 403 after I called and complained for a week. this still took some time and i was not happy. At first he said they had nothing to give me, and then they they said they had a 603 but didnt want to demo it cuz it was their last one which I can understand, but im the little solo guy who spent 10,000 this spring. I kinda felt like "hey I already spent my $400 bucks and now your screwin' me so you hope joe blo walks through the door in oct to buy your last one!" Needless to say was back in action to clean off my walkway with 2" of snow. thanks for letting me vent.
  7. proenterprises

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    strange happenings....i am always very careful to check oil levels.

    i kno that it slips our minds every once in a while but it is vital.
  8. MOOSE

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    Use 2 cycle oil in the cylinder if u have something seize. Pour it in and let it sit for an hour or 24 hours..

    Always worked for me..
  9. MOOSE

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    Put a little 2 cycle in your gas if your gonna use something like your big push blower on high throttle. I use 2 cycle in my push blower and my leaf loader cause of running them with such high rpms...
  10. G-father

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    Such high RPM's???

    I think the engines you use on your push blower are normally limited to 3600 rpm just like every other lawn mower etc etc.

    You can add 2 cycle oil to all your equip. if you want but I dont feel it does much good. The only time I have found this useful on these types of engines are race engines running at very high rpms or high boost. The rotary engine in third generation twin turbo rx7's would be a good example.

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