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Blower guidance needed ASAP


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I am opening a lawn care business this spring and am purchasing my equipment now. For a few months I've planned on getting a BR600 blower but I just read quite a few posts on here talking about how unreliable and how often the blowers have issues.

Can I get some suggestions on other GOOD blowers as well as thoughts on the BR600?


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Most all blowers have "issues" but make sure your dealer can take care of it! he new echo 770 is a hoss and the shindy 8520 is just as good but a little more heavy. The redmax 8100 or even the 7100 are also good blowers.


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San Jose, Ca.
Price, weight, power and reliability usually do not go together. If you want ultra reliable blower, go with the less than top power blowers like Shindy EB630, Echo PB755, Redmax EBZ7001, Stihl BR420, Kawi KRB750/Maruyama BL8100 etc. But if you have a lot of grass, it might be a little slower. Like cars, given everything else equal, a 4 door family car is going to last a little longer than a sports car that everything is tuned for performance. Also noise and power go hand in hand.


I bought the Maru BL8100 instead of waiting for Shindy EB802 at the time because of that.
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My BR600 is awesome! I only bought it last fall, but its the best blower I have run yet. And I have two stihl dealers about 30 minutes from me that are both great dealers. I have no problem running stihl, I know if something goes wrong my dealer will stand behind me 100%.


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Groton, MA
I have 2 BR600s. No problems ever. We use them heavily in the fall, wide open, for hours at a time, stopping only to refill.


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love my BR600, no problems that have to do specifically with that blower. I used to say that i wouldnt buy anything but a redmax for my blower but after owning this i have to say that i would probally purchase it again. Got a great deal at the time, thats the only reason why i switched

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
The new BR600s don't have a lot of the problems that the old ones had. I will buy another one if the one I bought in 2005 ever needs to be replaced. You do have to adjust the valves once every couple of years if you're an average user. It takes a $1.00 special feeler gauge from Stihl and 15 minutes. Other than that you treat them the same as you would any 2 stroke.