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I am opening a lawn care business this spring and am purchasing my equipment now. For a few months I've planned on getting a BR600 blower but I just read quite a few posts on here talking about how unreliable and how often the blowers have issues.

Can I get some suggestions on other GOOD blowers as well as thoughts on the BR600?


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The big 4 or 5 companies all make a great product, imho. Getting stuck with a lemon is the risk one takes when making any purchase. At least a new lemon comes with a warranty...a used one does not.

If I was getting a BR 600, I'd make darn sure to get the new and improved Magnum model.

Whatever you get, use QUALITY gas (89 octane or higher) with a QUALITY synthetic 2-stroke oil. You might as well do the best job you can do by making smart choices of your controlled variables.


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I bought my BR600 (non-magnum) in October 2009, so I've only had it a few months, but I don't know how I worked without it. It's a great blower with tons of power. I'd have no problem buying another one. I've used stihl since I started 7+ years ago, and never had any issues. I've run 4-mix stihl equipment for the past 2 seasons and no problems yet.

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Reality is all the big boys - Redmax, Echo and Sthil make good stuff - buy the most powerful model from any. If you get a lesser version you will cry when you get to test the most powerful one - when - when you start blowing wet leaves, snow or compost with it. I have 2-Redmax 8001 and love them getting a 8050 this year. These are the most powerful ones on the market. Sthil makes a great one too a little less powerful (IMO) but much lighter.
Go for power and buy new the warrenty with Redmax is 2 year commerical.

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