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  1. qualityscapes

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    Well tis the season to start thinking about new equipment....

    Looking at a new blower for the season. So here's what I'm thinking....

    Stihl BR 550 - 400 bucks 200 mph
    Echo PB610 - 400 bucks 190 mph
    Husk7 365 - 385 bucks

    If anyone has pros/cons and advice of each that would be great.

    Also looking at Hedge trimmers double balded, rotating head...

    Stihl 81T price unknown
    Husky 326HD60 - 350.00
    Echo HC160 - 340.00
  2. robbo521

    robbo521 LawnSite Senior Member
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    i have a Echo PB620 blower and love is a little lighter than the 610
  3. supercuts

    supercuts LawnSite Silver Member
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    my experiance has usually been bigger is better. i too run echo and love the, but i run the 650/750's. they are the same size but different air filters. i would get one of them, as you grow time becomes an issue and for the extra $80, $480 total, the bigger one is better and will save you time.

    same with the trimmer. nothing worse than showing up for a new customer that needs alot of overgrown trimming. you will be amazed how fast a large trimmer will be. i have the echo srm260 and its ok, i have a schindowa t260 and it has more power than you can imagine. if you can swing the money now i think it will be worth it down the road when time is more of an issue.

    you can always try to see if you can bowwer one for a day if you know somebody. good luck

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